General Notes

At LittleBird, we strive to continually improve our products to meet and exceed the needs of our clients and their customers. We do this by regularly adding new features, refining existing features, and resolving any errors or issues that might arise.

Installation Instructions

Mobile App

In most cases, your LittleBird mobile app should be updated automatically. If it doesn’t, or if you’re not sure, you can always update it by searching for LittleBird (look for the yellow “B”)in the iOS App Store or Android Play Store, or by checking for all app updates.


Current Release

Version 1.17

New Features

  • Added the ability for Residents to add Guest access using their phone’s contacts
  • Added additional onboarding support for access control devices
  • Added the ability to disable video calling on SmartKnox Telephone Entry devices
  • Added mobile app warning if Bluetooth is disabled
  • Added Wiegand communication support for SmartKnox Telephone Entry devices
  • Added support for newer SmartKnox Telephone Entry devices

Other Changes

  • Reduced the number of NFC prompts for Smart Access readers (iOS)
  • Changed the Smart Community icon to a building
  • Fixed a bug that may have prevented Smart Home panels’ house codes from beingset up correctly
  • Fixed a potential issue with Resident codes not being updated or being otherwise out of sync with the master Smart Access panel
  • Other mobile app stability and performance improvements (Android and iOS)


Previous Releases

Version 1.16

New Features

  • Added a Smart Access tab in mobile app to consolidate residence and community access functions
  • Added the ability to lock/unlock the residence door from the Smart Access tab of the mobile app
  • Added the ability to edit a residence door code from the Smart Access tab of the mobile app
  • Added a dynamic navigation tab layout for the mobile app to only show features enabled at the selected property
  • Updated the Guests page to allow for adding guests with only a phone number
  • Added a link to the LittleBird FAQ on the mobile app Support page
  • Enabled notification to the Resident when a Guest code is used to access their unit door or property gate
  • Added a Resident list page to the Manager web portal
  • Added the ability for a LittleBird property to only enable certain features as part of Smart Home, Smart Access, and Smart Community
  • Added a nearby access point list to the Access page of the mobile app

Other Changes

  • Changed the layout of the Unit list page on the Manager web portal
  • Changed the navigation layout of the Manager web portal
  • Other mobile app performance improvements (Android and iOS)

Version 1.15

New Features

  • Added an email alert when a SmartKnox Telephone Entry device is connected/disconnected from the web services

Other Changes

  • Fixed bug that may cause gate/door access to be immediately rejected when a SmartKnox call is answered via
  • Fixed a bug that may crash the web application when editing a Local Offer
  • Removed an erroneous “Call disconnected” message when a visitor is granted access after calling the manager from a SmartKnox entry
  • Fixed a bug the may cause SmartKnox video calls to immediately result in an error
  • Other mobile app performance improvements (Android and iOS