If you live in a community with a SmartKnox video intercom or LittleBird access readers with the NFC logo on the front, you can use your compatible smartphone to unlock your community’s access points. Compatible devices are iPhone 7 or newer, and Android phones newer than 2016. Bluetooth must be turned on and enabled for the application.

  1. While standing at a SmartKnox unit or LittleBird access reader, open the LittleBird mobile app on your mobile device.

  2. Browse to the Smart Access (keypad lock) icon in the navigation bar and watch for your SmartKnox access point to appear on this screen. 

Note: If you do not immediately see your access point, refresh your app by dragging downwards on your device’s screen. 

  1. Tap the access point’s panel once it appears on your screen.

  1. If you receive a prompt asking you to “Tap your device on the reader to access”, set the top of your iPhone, or the center back of your Android device on the signal icon on the front of the access reader (iPhone pictured below). Hold it there for 1-3 seconds, until you see the green checkmark appear on the screen.

  1. If a message stating “Connecting to the reader wirelessly” appears, simply wait for SmartKnox or the access reader to recognize your device. This will take just a few seconds. 

Tap the Okay button on the confirmation message that appears once the SmartKnox unit or access reader has successfully recognized your device. You’ve now unlocked the access point.